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Tanuj Vohra

Managing Partner

lives in: Tanuj Vohra Address line 1, Tanuj Vohra Address line 2
education: Bachelor of Laws

Areas of Practice:


Tanuj. Vohra is the Managing Partner of the firm. He is a Registered Insolvency Professional (IP) with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI), Bachelor of Laws from Delhi University, Fellow Member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and  holds Masters Degree   in Commerce. He brings with him an experience of 21 years in the areas of Insolvency Law and Practice , Liquidation, FEMA Compliance,  SEBI matters, Company Law Matters and Government Approvals. He has been on the Board of several companies and acted as consultant to various Corporate House and BIG-4.  He is also a retained advisor to the several MNC’s.  With effective communication, leadership & problem solving skills, he has developed commanding traits in drafting a variety of contracts and agreements. Mr. Vohra has closely worked with various IBanks and  PE Funds and carried out due diligence in company law and labour law matters.


“Experienced Attorneys Aggressive Representation.”


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My dad said this to me when I was 16: “Shen, you don’t have the best (tennis) strokes, but you can out-think your opponent”. He taught me to be strategic and to play to my strengths. As it turns out, I’m better in the High Court than on the tennis court.


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Not many people see litigation as a blood sport, but for me, every case is a cause to be championed in a gladiatorial arena. I love the intellectual challenge of legal debate; but more than that, I like having a part to play in shaping the law. My mother inculcated in me a sense of social justice very early on in life. I guess, at its core, that principle still drives what I do.


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The law does not exist in a silo. Our world is increasingly complex and inter-dependent: we have to battle fake news, grapple with the growing influence of intelligent technology and social media, and navigate a legal landscape that is moving from domestic to global. Lawyers have been given the privilege of understanding, interpreting and advancing laws. We have a responsibility to build a legal framework that fosters innovation and rewards success, but also leaves no one behind.


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I am insatiably curious and have a boundless appetite for trivia, which I am known to share at the slightest provocation. It’s a character flaw, I know.



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